Proudly Serving All of Southern California

The sheet metal NTi uses in the roofing and exterior in all of our CarportsRV Covers, and Garages is of supreme quality.  The sheet metal we employ in our buildings is manufactured using Cool Roof Technology, which greatly decreases the temperature fluctuations inside our covers.  Our cool roof sheet metal acts as a heat barrier by reflecting and emitting the sun’s heat, which greatly reduces the temperature inside of your building. 

Also, all of our sheet metal comes with a baked enamel finish.  This allows us to guarantee that all of our building’s sheet metal will not fade, rust, or chalk for 40 years. Any of the following colors are available at no extra cost.

Our buildings come with a trim flashing, which conceals any exposed sharp edges and gives a sleek finished appearance. This enables you to incorporate different building and trim colors to complement your existing property color scheme.

Note: Colors may not be 100% accurate on all monitors due to color differences in monitors and graphics processors.